Makuu News – Robeson Cooper Scholars

Robeson Cooper Scholars


Named after two exemplary interdisciplinary scholars and activists, The Paul Robeson and Anna Julia Cooper Scholars Program, directed by Makuu: The Black Cultural Center, works with students interested in culturally relevant social justice issues (e.g., urban education, equitable opportunity distribution, Black feminism and gender politics, media (mis)representation, community empowerment through the arts, healthcare disparities). In their first year Scholars participate in leadership development workshops and civic engagement programming. They also receive peer mentoring and structured academic support throughout the academic year. Future Robeson Cooper years include participation in for-credit courses and supplemental workshops, faculty and alumni mentoring, and pipelining into additional leadership, academic, and internship opportunities to best prepare each scholar for their intended post-Penn career. Robeson Cooper alumni have gone on to top PhD programs, teaching fellowships (Teach for America and others) and other urban education roles, law school, public health, medical school, Wall Street, international work, public policy, social entrepreneurship, Google, and much more.

The Robeson Cooper Scholars program is open to Penn undergraduates from any school. Please direct questions to